Take the time to see!
Jack is a freelance stock photographer who specializes in nature and wildlife images. His travels take him all over the continental United States in search of opportunities to capture fleeting glimpses of nature's beauty and share it with others. As a self taught photographer Jack's enjoyment of nature, love of the outdoors, and a creative eye have proved to compliment his image production of pretty subjects. Unfortunately most people travel through their lives too quickly to really see the beauty in what surrounds them on a daily basis. Having spent over thirty two years flying over the world sometimes faster than the speed of sound yet mainly at .82 mach (approximately eight miles a minute) Jack is aware of our fast paced lives. He certainly enjoys being in the woods photographing and observing activities that most people never get to see or experience.

About us
Jack and his beautiful wife, Karen, currently live in the woods of Sunset, Texas. Sunset is located a little over an hour drive north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area. It is an area of rolling hills covered in oak trees. Bobcats, coyotes, gray foxes, whitetail deer, raccoons, armadillos, and wild turkeys in great abundance frequent our land. Turkeys are around all the time in either the front of the house or in the rear of the house. Our pond helps attract the variety of wildlife including numerous ducks in the winter time. Photographing in one's own backyard is a delight. In their thirty seven plus years of marriage they have lived in California, Arkansas, Guam, Oregon, West Virginia, Louisiana, and Texas. The light of their lives have been their two children Jeff and Kristin and their spouses Sandy and Chase. Jeff and Sandy have a wonderful son named Hayden.

Community activity
We believe that it is very important to give something back to the community that we live in. Karen volunteers as an ombudsmen for the Area Agency on Aging of North Texas. Jack spends time substituting in the Bowie, TX school district.